Hometown Heroes

Being a natural born pessimist in Ghana is a very dangerous game of cha-cha…one which i unfortunately play on a daily basis. And i know i’m not alone. Even if one refuses to watch the news or listen to the radio, the Facebook timeline will ALWAYS trip you up lol.
We spent last week lamenting the fact that we finally have tangible evidence of what we all sort of knew already; the judicial system in this country is a dirty, profane joke.
I was already reeling from the IMF report that public debt has exceeded pre-HIPC levels (how Sway? HOW?), so finding out that judges were sending men to prison for snails and goat meat really had me in a bad place. I had to find the beacon in the fog.
Turns out, i didn’t need to search very hard for the first one; Anas (more on him later) dropped it right in my lap.

Eleven judges refused the bribes. Eleven. A despairingly small number, perhaps, but i’m honest to goodness stunned and grateful for this flotsam of hope to which i may cling.
I’d like to give it up for these local champions, with your help:

Justice Kwesi Boakye                    HC, Wa

Bright Mensah                                 HC, Accra

Constance Hometorwu                  HC, Accra

Georgina Mensah                           HC, Accra

Afia Serwaa ASARE                        HC, Accra

Anthony Oppong                             HC, Accra

Felicia                                                DC, Abeka

Charles Kwesi Acheampong        DC, Dodowa

Samuel Quartey                              DC, Ejiusu

Abdul Abullaih                                 DC, Tuobudom

Bright Ajosagi                                   DC,

*HC= High Court, *DC = District Court

I don't know HOW you did it..but we salute you heroes! Brave! Bravi!

I don’t know HOW you did it..but we salute you heroes! Brave! Bravi!

Now, as promised, back to Anas Aremeyaw Anas.
an we get this man a Legion of Honour.. make him Nkosuohene in his hometown..something? A gift card to realfleshmasks.com? Create a new ministry over which he can preside?
This is what “working for you” actually looks like.
Even though, how much action was taken over any of his previous efforts? Osu Chilrens Home, the DVLA etc? No, no… see the pessimism trying to creep in? We rebuke it!
Standing ovation to you Anas, with your dramatic self lol
Keeping exposing these frauds and flunkies! May the odds be ever in your favor!!

Wo y3 guy, wate!

Wo y3 guy, wate!

And i reserve my final, most resounding hometown hero salute to Abraham Attah.  This story warmed my heart so much! It has legit restored my faith in Ghanaians…kinda. lol. It was certainly just the type of uplifting, positive news we all needed after a rough week.

on stage at ceremony during the 72nd Venice Film Festival on September 12, 2015 in Venice, Italy.

on stage at ceremony during the 72nd Venice Film Festival on September 12, 2015 in Venice, Italy.

For anyone that missed it, Abraham Attah, a 14 year old street vendor, with no previous acting experience, nabbed a starring role in Beasts of No Nation (based on the book of the same name and co-starring Baedriss Elba). Not only that, he went on to win  the Marcello Mastroianni’s Best Young Actor Award at the 2015 Venice Film Festival.
LOOK HERE!  Already i was stanning for the film because its an adaptation of a brilliant African writer’s book, my husband is in it, and it was filmed in Ghana by  my #mce  genius extraordinaire Cary Fukunaga. So when i heard that this young man won an award for it…i was just……

No words... just feeeels

No words… just feeeels

Given that there Oscar buzz over the film already,  i am gripping my prayer cloth for a nomination. Can you imagine the Oscar red carpet featuring Mama Attah in her finest kaba and slit with lace trim??  I need for this to happen!

(btw has anyone checked on Nadia Buhari and nem? Didnt she say she was moving to the states at one point to try and break into Hollywood…agyei my stomach! Got her edges snatched out at the root by a 14 year old child who wasn’t even trying! I don die! Please call her wai.. make sure she’s ok.)

Ghollywood or whatever you call yourselves.. keep joking and churning out hot garbage. Now we know for sure there is nothing holding you back except your own general wackness. I will never forgive you, Nadia Buhari OR my cousin that tricked me into watching Beyonce the President’s Daughter. Never.

Ok guys.. thats it. There are least 13 decent Ghanaians left, apart from us, naturally… ahem.
I hope this tiny spark of hope propels you into  a marvelous week!!! 🙂 🙂

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