Crazy in Love

Throwback valentines day post!!
Not all love is the good

I was 17, and walking with a friend, when i heard someone frantically shouting, trying to get my attention. In a bid to look cute, i had left my glasses at home, so i couldn’t see who it was. I stood and waited, but when the figure got closer, it was a man i didn’t recognize. “Ive been looking for you”, were his first words.

Me: Oh i’m sorry. You’re confusing with me with someone else. I don’t know you.
Man: NO! Its you. I saw you in the market. I was trying to call you, but you didn’t hear me. But now I’ve found you. I’m Fexy.
Me: Umm.. yeah.. ok.. well i have to go now. *i start walking away as he protests*

When i got to my car, my friend was extra animated. She had recognized him. Turns out Fexy was well know in Tema for having gotten…

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