Letters from Tema

Hello World!

2014,hereby dubbed the “Year of Vimspiration”,is upon us. To that end ive decided to attempt, for the second time, this whole blogging business.
When i first moved back home in 2011, i intended to document the experience for my DMV fam. I actually wrote four posts, published a teaser, and then abandoned the blog for so long that i couldn’t get back into it. (SMH)
In the meantime, i’ve become somewhat notorious for my facebook rants, lol, which suggests that i just might be able to find something to say on a fairly consistent basis.

So… welcome to Musings at Midnite 2.0, and in honor of her fallen predecessor, the inaugural post is going to be the teaser from 1.0.
Letters from Iwo Jima Tema.

I’ve been going through my old stuff a bit at a time, and just dying with laughter over the mini-treasures I’ve been unearthing.  A cross sampling of what I’ve found so far:

A birth certificate for my beloved Cabbage Patch doll. (the doll itself is still m.i.a.)

My subscription letter from International Pen Friends (remember that?)

The second issue of “The Achimotan”  ( The Achimota School Magazine)

And a letter so hilarious that I had to share, in all its unedited glory.  ENJOY!


I am with much amiable and delightfulness to have this message with you. How are you fairing at school? Hoping everything is okay with you as I do here in Tema.

To commence further, let me do a quick introduction. I’m called [name redacted], the gentle guy you met in Tema on Saturday, August 30 1997 at 2.15pm. Again, on the said day, you had come to buy ladies sandass and apparently you bought a black sandass. After you had paid, you have me a gift of 1,000 cedis. I therefore asked of your name and school attending. You offered me respect and mentioned your name as “Phiona”. However, due to your high sense of integrity, obedience cum brilliance, you also asked of my name. The reason or aim for this letter is to offer you my greatest gratitude and thanks for your honour and gesture done me and so, congrats. Bravo for that!

Nonetheless, my message or piece (not peace) of advice for you is, learn hard, burn your midnight kendles and don’t sit on your oars so as to crown with flying colours at the end of your three year course!

Besides, what course are you pursuing and where does your Mum come from? As for me, im a National Service Person, a sixth former. I studied Accounting, Economics, Gov’t, Akan and G.P. You’ll here more about me in my next letter. Are you a football enthusiast, then pray for Starlets! I’ll pause here with greetings to you.

Your acquanitant,
[Name redacted]
Ps. I hope you’ll not put me into shame and so do reply!

You thought i was just going to leave you with that cliffhanger ending? Nah..lol
I replied graciously to his letter, perhaps a little too much so, because about a month after that, my dear friend showed up on the door steps of Macarthy House one fine visiting Saturday. Apparently, knowing my name and where i went to school was more than enough information to track me down.  I cant remember what i said, but i think i gently advised him NOT to come there again.. 🙂

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