The Good, the Bad, and the Fokn.


I find the Ghanaian film industry deplorable. With very few exceptions (two of which are featured in this post), most of the movies that come from the homegrown pool are at best mediocre, and at worst, feature Nadia Buari in leading role. The Ghana Movie Awards to me is the equivalent of an annual award feting the “Ashawo of the Year”. I just… I barely see the point. lol. Ok that was extremely inappropriate. #sorrynotsorry.
Anyway, what im saying is my curiosity was piqued when i saw a short  “Ghana Police”, shared in my timeline. Its a collaboration between Pascal Aka ( who directed some of EL’s best videos), and the very buff gentlemen of 8th Wonder Stunts. I would like us all to pause and take in the fact that there is a professional stunt school in Accra right now. I LOVE it!

The short its self is FANTASTIC. It’s funny, acerbic, and captures very well the peculiarities of the Ghanaian experience. (Football is king. The police are… special. Emotional weakness is snorted at with derision lol). All in six minutes.It was great.
Definitely check it out below.. and shout outs to both 8th Wonder and Pascal Aka for giving me hope for the future. Medamoase paah!



Image by the Black Narrator.

Everything going on in the country right now. A fustercluck of cosmic proportions.  One a scale of 1 to 10, we are a Sochi all day long. For those who may not be following along, let me do a brief rundown:

Electricity rate increased by almost 100% within a month.
Water rate increased by 52% within the same period. (GWC requested a 112% increase btw)
Taxes across the board went up(VAT, property,etc).
A new ‘special’ tax was introduced.
The latest discussion is now about introducing a tax on banking transactions. Basically the m.o. is “tax until you can tax no more”.
Transport rates have gone up, petrol prices have gone up 3 times or so.
The cedi is in free fall.
here are plans to introduce a toll on vehicles entering Legon University. What? Really though?
Accra is flooding at the slightest drop of rain. Every year like clockwork.
The hospitals are overflowing, forcing women to give birth on the corridor floors. I wish i could find a link to that tv 3 report. Bone chilling.
The government was trying to sneak through a bill authorizing the use of GMO products.
The roads are as bad as ever, traffic congestion is worse. Supply of our over priced utilities is still inconsistent.

And while all that is going on, government officials are flying back and forth to Dubai, snapping up real estate.
Those that stay are running amok, introducing new words to the lexical landscape. (Gargantuan, please meet Tweaa)
Or driving in three car convoys to… the newest tilapia spot, most likely. All on OUR dime.
It makes me sick to my stomach. If im feeling the squeeze, what about the shop girl who earns 100 cedis a month? SIGH
I just depressed myself… Lets try and end on a high, shall we?
On to..


..Bois. A group comprising Wanluv the Kubolor and Mensa Ansah, (who also record under their individual monikers). I have been a huge fan for years, both because the music is great and because they have a hilarious knack for riling up the “delicate sensibilities” of the Ghanaian public. LOL.
They recently released the delightfully irreverent Gospel Porn (their words) album Fokn with Ewe, (song titles include Sexing Islam Girls, and my fav, Rasta Fried Rice). Then, they went on star in Cos ov Moni, the First Pidgen Musical Film in the World (their words)
As expected, it was rude, fun and fresh.( I have it on dvd and if you ask me nicely i might lend it to you)
Cos of Moni 2:Fokn Revenge premiered in Accra in December. I still haven’t had the chance to see it, but happen to be type little sister to some one who has, Sir Y- i mean A.D. He was kind enough to write up a review of the film.
Check it out below:

CozovMoni 2 (A review by Adina’s Dad)

We dey cry/ the dry/ tears of a crocodile/ two happy animals/ we dey for your funeral/ for the Minerals/

I couldn’t get past the above mentioned lines…hit the rewind button like I was a Jamaican dancehall DJ. All i can say is the FOKN Bois need their own version of Saturday night live since the annual release of their Coz Ov Moni movie series is not enough for some of us. All I know is that Ghana has a lot of talent. Really dope appearances from Artistes like Awal, Yaa Pono, the Sankwas Bois, Efya, Pope Skinny..Lemme rephrase my earlier statement. Ghana is full of dope talent and it makes you wonder whether Paedae and D-Black are nigerian…Funny rhymes galore from start to finish..I want to say so much but that means I have to ‘boss’ the whole film to you guys and it defeats the purpose of supporting these talented mofos for being so good at what they do.. The FOKN Bois have been bringing out the inner thoughts of every Ghanaian man since “Broken Languages” and this movie Coz Ov Moni 2 skips right along. If you want to witness the lyrical battle between Count Dracula and Kweku Ananse then click the link to order your copy of Coz-ov-Moni 2… $15 after which you realize that their group name FOKN Bois was heaven sent cuz they are every bit of it.. (ECG turns off lights at this point and ends my review)

You heard the man.  🙂

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