30 Days of Night…


Ive been….depressed? No, Africans are genetically immune to depression, everyone knows that. Ok, let’s call it a funk. A funk which has left me too listless do a lot of things, include write. Ive been walking around with my personal rain cloud, listening to songs like this.  (Yes I still listen to Tech N9ne, and so should you).

However, I knew that if I gave up the blog for a month, that month could easily turn into two and before you know it, Musings at Midnite would be another headstone in the blog graveyard. So here i am, right under the wire, with a post i wrote  two nights ago…

I can tell you what isn’t helping my mood. Load shedding is back. Not only is it back, but the hours have been extended from six to twelve. There is nothing quite so cruel as waiting to be plunged into darkness at six pm, and watching as all your electronics die slowly. The laptop goes first..  after I manage to squeeze in two episodes of House of Cards. Then I dabble about on my phone until i decide I should leave the remaining battery power for emergency calls. Finally i’m left with the kindle.. which I can enjoy only for the duration of my solar lamp charge. ( I recently found a solution for this one.. audiobooks!) After that, its lay in the dark, sweat buckets, and curse the stars ( or Mahama).  When I finally fall into fitful sleep I have a nightmare. Without fail. That is apparently how my brain processes heat stimulation during REM. Sigh.
I often use my darkness hours to solve Sophie’s Choice scenarios:
Would I rather go blind or deaf?(This one turned out to be easy.. deaf)
Would I rather freeze to death or drown?(I’m undecided..painless but slow vs terrifying but quick..hmm)
Which utility is it worse to be without, water or electricity? (Trick question! They are both off..#abetterghanaagenda)
Tonight, I’ve been wishing i’d paid closer attention in physics class. Perhaps then I’d have been able to calculate the volume of conditioned air in my room, and the rate at which it dissipates. That way I’d know the exact moment when opening the windows and allowing humid night air still cools more  than attempting to keep what remains of the chilled air from going out. You know what.. I keep hearing a noise. Excuse me a moment…………………………………………………………….

Back again, my apologies. Yes I absolutely heard a strange noise in the pitch darkness and left the relative safety of my room to go and investigate. How very Caucasian of me! lol Turns out it was nothing though… and by nothing I mean my Poochon had Houdini’ed her way out of her crate and was lounging IN MY CHAIR chewing a hole into my LAPTOP CORD.  It’s not her fault though. How could she possibly know that in some circles she is just a khebab that is yet to realize its full potential, hence it would be in her best interest to tread very lightly. Yoo….

I kid, I kid. However, I have rambled on enough. Also, battery power is at 41%. I hope I am able to come up with something good soon, to make up for this Debbie Downer moment.  Bear with me folks.

Take care till then….

2 responses to “30 Days of Night…

  1. What an interesting story! It’s so appalling about the load shading when the nation of Ghana supplies to other nations.


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