2015 Music Wrap-Up

Happy New Year guys! Woohoo! We made it.. battered and bruised perhaps, but alive to usher in 2016. I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  I was in misanthrope mode for the most part : a lot of laptop and chill solo sessions.  There was a weird Xmas vibe in Accra, it was very hype, yet subdued and flat. As if everyone was just going through the motions.
All in all, 2015 wasn’t the best year, but here are some of the songs that gave my spirits a boost and kept me going. ( Plus a download link for all the songs featured below, since i didn’t get you a Christmas present 🙂 )

MizzMusings Ten GH songs of 2015 ( in no particular order)

1. Making Tasha Proud- Jayso feat. A.I
Everything about this song is gorgeous to me. Moving and sincere without being tacky and obvious. Superb hook from A.I., and completely different from anything playing on the radio at the time. It’s hard to believe that after so many years in the industry this is Jayso first solo album, but it’s well worth the wait. You can get it here.

2. Bankulize- Mr. Eazi feat. Pappy Kojo
Do i even need to explain why this song continues to give me life? Smooth, chill, sensual bop that it is. Plus Pappy Kojo is bae. lol. With the follow up Skin Tight on every play list, it looks like this may be Mr. Eazi’s year.

3.King Without A Crown- E.L.
I’m trying very hard to resist cheating, because what i really want to say is that E.L’s B.A.R. 2 mixtape was my favourite thing any GH artist did in 2015. However, if i’m to pick a song that embodied the essence of that album, it would have to be K.W.A.K. Im sure EL agrees, since he closed out his BAR 2 concert this year with it. Shout outs to Drumroll for assassinating this beat.

4. Diabetes- Keche
I’ll confess that it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what”ɛsikyire yariɛ” meant, given it’s right there in the title. But thank you Keche for the jam, AND the twi lesson lol. Im extra geeked over this song because on of my Tema fambam produced it. I dey hail you Bryte!

5. Nero X- Osey
I dont know where Nero X came from, or where he’s been since, but if i had to shorten this list to 5 sings, ‘Osey’ would still be on there. No other song took us me church like this, all up in the middle of the nightclub!

6. Stonebwoy- Higher
No explanation is needed. None will be given. Seriously. Pure fire.

7. Mugeez et al.- Makoma
R2Bees have embraced a more ‘traditional’ sound lately and i absolutely love it. This song ( and Lobi) are perfect examples. I cant concieve of any Gh music list that wouldnt have them on it, and it hasn’t happened here either. Waiting eagerly on their next album.

8. Skolom- VVIP feat Sena Dagadu
Another of my favourite among favourites for 2015. Mid tempo smooth grooves and my doppelganger on the hook. Whats not to like?

9. Mansa- Bisa Kdei
I’ve started hearing Bisa Kdei’s name mentioned in the same breath as Kojo Antwi. I cant say i’d go that far…yet. But he may just be the future of modern highlife. Lest we forget, this is a man who flipped a song about a vengeful, dance happy ghost into a legit banger!

10(a). Shatta Wale- Hol’ it
I really thought the Shatta Movement era was over. Kakai’ did nothing to convince me otherwise, in-spite of Countryman Songo’s best efforts lol. But ill be darned if Hol’ It didnt get me doing a wine and grine.. just in time for Christmas.

10(b). Ekiiki Mi- Wisa Greid feat Luther.
Shortest career ever recorded? That remains to be seen for our peen flashing friend here. But this song was on HEAVY rotation this Xmas, for good reason. ( I cant help but think of Castro every time i hear it tho. RIP!)

If i wasn’t being a patriot, these songs would have knocked a few people out of the top ten.

Ojuelegba- Wizkid
Listen here. This song. This song right here?!! No contest. It is my favourite song of 2015, regardless of genre. Wizkid has been killing it lately. Please go and get his album Ayo. Its a one man party from beginning to end. Jaiye Jaiye, Show you the Money, In My Bed…etc

Monkey- M.I. feat Chigul
I absolutely love it when artists infuse very traditional sounds into their music, as i stated above. No song did this better last year than Monkey. Both the track and the accompanying video were hilarious, yet moving.

Fans Mi-Davido feat Meek Mill
You know what else i love? Afro Trap. And i apologize to NO ONE for it. Davido took afrotrap mainstream this year, on a Shizzi beat, featuring The 2015″L” taker of Year winner, Meek Mill.

Going ham in my room like...

Going ham in my room like…

And there we have it. Did i leave anyone out? Is there an “oh hell no” on my list? Let me know! Here’s to a brilliant 2016

Dropbox download link:

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